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Dear Students and Parents,

Your Sodexo team continues to focus on student well-being, which we believe directly impacts student achievement. From providing nutritious meals that help students focus to creating an environment where safe, clean and comfortable classrooms help them engage in learning, we are proud to be your partner.

Look on the site for the monthly Fresh Pick. The Sodexo Fresh Pick program is designed to further the nutrition education of students, parents and educators by focusing on the many positive benefits of eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Each month features an instructional recipe video starring Sodexo Ambassador and Student Chef, Chef Remmi, using the Fresh Pick nutritional item of the month. 

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Steve Dunmore, President Sodexo Education – Schools

Hello Bethel Community!

Welcome to our new students and welcome back to our returning students!

We continue to make strides with the school lunch program. In an effort to address the growing population of gluten-free and vegetarian students, we will once again offer more of these choices.  You will see them marked on our menus as (V) for Vegetarian and (GF) for Gluten Free.  Please note that we cannot guarantee that our gluten free menu items are 100% free of gluten as they are prepared in a kitchen with wheat and wheat products.  

If your student has a medical issue with gluten or any other dietary special needs, please contact Betty Avery, Director of Health Services for Bethel Public Schools at  With proper verification from a doctor, we can make medically appropriate menu modification for children with food allergies.

Lunch prices are as follows:

Elementary: $2.80

MS/HS:  $3.20

Breakfast Price - $2.25

Students who qualify for reduced price lunch will be charged $.40 per meal.  Students who qualify for reduced lunch will also qualify for FREE breakfast!  We serve breakfast daily at all of our schools.  I'ts an important meal, so please make sure your student eats breakfast every day!!

Students who qualify for reduced price lunch will be charged $.40. Breakfast is offered daily at all schools for $2.25. Students who qualify for reduced lunch will also qualify for FREE breakfast.

Charging Policy

The goal of the food service program is to provide students with nutritious foods that will enhance learning. The school nutrition program is an essential part of the education system and by providing good-tasting, nutritious meals in pleasant surroundings, we are helping to teach students the value of good nutrition.

The Board of Education (Board) has an agreement with the Connecticut State Department of Education to participate in one or more school Child Nutrition Programs and accepts full responsibility for adhering to the federal and state guidelines and regulations pertaining to these school Child Nutrition Programs. The Board also accepts full responsibility for providing free, reduced price and regular priced meals to elementary and secondary students enrolled in the District’s schools. Meals are planned to meet the specified nutrient standards outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture for children based on their age or grade group.

Although not required by law, because of the District's participation in the Child Nutrition Programs, the Board approves the establishment of a system to allow a student to charge a meal.

The Board realizes that funds from the non-profit school food service account, according to federal regulations, cannot be used to cover the cost of charged meals that have not been paid.

Charging is not encouraged by the District, but on those occasions that a student does not have money, Elementary and Middle School students will be permitted to charge up to three (3) lunches without restriction on what they may choose. After the third (3rd) charge, an alternate meal consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit and/or vegetable and milk will be offered to the student.

The cost for providing such alternate meals cannot be incurred by the food service program, and the charge for such alternate meals will be the same amount as the standard school meal or reimbursable meal and added to the student's outstanding balance.

High School students are permitted two charged meals. No alternative meal will be offered. Additionally, during the final three weeks of classes in May/June, there will be no charging allowed at the High School so that we may collect any negative balances of graduating students.

No Snacks or a-la-carte items may be charged.

Any parent/guardian who anticipates a problem with paying for meals is encouraged to contact the Director of Fiscal Services and/or the applicable school Principal or Social Worker for assistance. The Board encourages all families who may have a child eligible for free or reduced price meals to apply at any time during the summer or school year. New applications can be filed if there is a change in household income or in the number of household members, Applicants are responsible to pay for meals until the application for free or reduced price meals is completed and approved.

To facilitate payment in advance for school meals, the District uses the My School Bucks program located at, an automated prepayment System, which allows parents/guardians to view their child's meal account balance and purchases, receive low balance notifications, as well as make deposits to their child’s school meal account. Automated payments can take 24 hours to post to your child’s account. Payment by cash or check can also be made to each School's Food Service staff.

Federal funds are intended to subsidize the meals of children and may not be used to subsidize meals for adults (teachers, staff and visitors).

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, there are applications for free and reduced meals available at the Bethel Board of Education Office, One School Street, Bethel, CT.

To make pre-payments to your child's lunch account, please go to to set up an account.

With the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in full swing here in Bethel, we continue to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables. They are an important component of our meal and we will do our best to offer as much locally grown fresh produce as it is available through our vendors.  ALL STUDENTS MUCH CHOOSE AT LEAST ON SERVING OF FRUIT OR VEGETABLE WITH THEIR MEAL.  

If you have any questions, comments or  concerns, I am always available to help. I can be reached at (203) 794-8722 or via email at  I encourage you to all me with any questions....I love getting to know parents!

Kind regards,

Amanda Riley

Food Service Director


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